The factory is located in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. The furniture is produced using Italian technology on Italian equipment with numerical control.
The main element - the frame, like the Italians, is made from solid beech (Beech is a hardwood species). In addition, MDF, veneer, German adhesives, varnishes and fabrics and other high-quality materials are used in production.
We have been producing our own frames for more than 25 years, the company guarantees quality and warranty service for 12 months. Sometimes our clients come to us asking for restoration even after 20 years. The beech frame rarely breaks, so after restoring the paintwork and replacing the upholstery, the furniture becomes practically new and is ready to serve for a long time. Our products have every chance of serving for decades.
Unfortunately, changing one size entails changing other elements, and this is a different model.
In the production of our furniture, high-quality, certified components are used: solid and beech veneer, exotic wood veneer (ebony), MDF (Russia), Italian varnishes Milesi, Sayerlack, Epengle, Vercelli fabrics, as well as fabrics from Turkish and local suppliers. But the most valuable thing about our products is our 25 years of experience working with arrays. The company employs a whole galaxy of cabinetmakers, whose work is difficult to overestimate.
Despite the use of technological equipment, the share of manual labor in products such as ours remains and will remain high.
Working hours of the delivery department and the factory as a whole: Monday - Friday; Saturday-Sunday - days off. Deliveries are only possible on weekdays.
Since our sofa models are built on high legs, at the moment we can only offer the “French” mechanism. There may be minor design changes.
In the production of upholstered furniture, the factory uses both foam rubber and spring blocks with foam rubber as the main filler.